Staloral 300

Staloral 300

Staloral 300

Staloral® from Stallergenes, the leader in Immunotherapy for Allergic Rhinitis, is a specific allergen immunotherapy preparation that is composed of one or more allergen extracts. Staloral is manufactured in France tailored for each patient based on his skin prick test results, in order to treat allergic rhinitis and allergic asthma patients who are poorly controlled on pharmacotherapy.

Staloral® is a sublingual product indicated for patients suffering from moderate to severe allergic rhinitis and/or mild to moderate allergic asthma and who are poorly controlled on symptomatic treatments available in the market. Staloral® is the only treatment that is proved to modify the cause of the disease and get rid of the allergy.

Staloral is a 3-4 years course that is proved to have a long lasting effect of 5-10 years after stopping the treatment. Patients feel the improvement during the early beginning of the treatment course. Improvement appears in the form of symptoms and pharmacotherapy reduction although allergen exposure.

Staloral is registered in the UAE as a conventional medicine that has four forms; Staloral 100 IR initial, Staloral 100 IR maintenance, Staloral 300 IR initial and Staloral 300 IR maintenance.

Genpharm has partnered with Stallergenes to commercialize in U.A.E and Egypt.

For more information on Staloral availability in the U.A.E and Egypt please contact us at:

Phone: +971 4  4227010
Email: info@genpharmservices.comFor more information about the collaboration between Genpharm and Stallergenes, please visit our news section:



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