All drugs interact differently for person to person. You should check all the possible interactions with your doctor before starting any medicine.


Use of alcohol while taking this medicine can significantly increase some side effects like dizziness, sleepiness, and difficulty in concentrating. Some people suffer from additional side effects like impaired thinking and judgment.


Use of alcohol should be avoided or restricted while you are taking this medicine. Activities requiring a high level of mental alertness should be avoided at least in the initial part of treatment with this medicine.

Interaction with Medicine

Disease interactions

This medicine is not recommended for use in patients having infectious diarrhea. The symptoms may worsen and get prolonged if this medicine is used in such cases. Any incidence of diarrhea accompanied by the presence of blood or pus in stools and high fever should be promptly reported to the doctor.

Food interactions

Information not available.

Lab interactions

Information not available.

This is not an exhaustive list of possible drug interactions. You should consult your doctor about all the possible interactions of the drugs you’re taking.

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